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Welcome to Machine Intelligence and Security of Things Lab

We are a group of researchers from IIT Bhilai, lead by Dr. Sk. Subidh Ali, dedicated to secure AI as well as IoT products. Machine Learning is the heart of current advancement in the domain of Artificial Intelligence. The presence of deep neural network makes a machine into intelligent machine. From autonomous vehicle to robotic surgery, deep neural network brought great powers to modern days applications. It reminds us the well known quote from Spider-Man “With great power comes great responsibility”. In recent past, it is shown that a well trained deep neural network can easily be fooled by adding certain noise into the input. This discovery led the research community to a new domain called Adversarial Machine Learning (AML). The focus of our group is to develop solution to secure machine learning enabled product against AML attacks.

Smart infrastructure is now an indispensable foundation of our society, whether it is road travel, logistics, building, or the entire city. IoT-based devices and systems form one of the major pillars of such smart infrastructure. As per recent data, globally, the number of connected devices has reached 200 billion by the year 2020. Until recently, there was no standard practice in this domain. Furthermore, security was not considered a part of any IoT system, as IoT products are supposed to be cheap. Companies did not want to escalate the price by incorporating security overhead in such products. The tectonic shift happened after the massive DDOS attack in 2016, known as the Mirai botnet attack, which crippled millions of IoT devices across the globe. Subsequently, IoT security standards were developed to make IoT products secure against malicious attacks. Our team works to develop secure IoT solutions.

Recent Publications

  • Security Analysis of Scan Obfuscation Techniques TIFS 2023    
  • Evaluating Security of New Locking SIB-based Architectures  ETS 2022
  • Opacity preserving Countermeasure using Finite State Machines against Differential Scan Attacks  ETS 2021
  • Security Analysis of State-of-the-art Scan Obfuscation Technique  ICCD 2021
  • Revisiting the security of static masking and compaction: Discovering new vulnerability and Improved Scan Attack on AES  Asian HOST 2020
  • Guest Editorial SPACE 2017 Special Issue in the Journal of Hardware and Systems Security (HaSS)  Journal of Hardware and Systems Security 2019

Post Doctoral Fellow

Archana Tiwari

PhD and Project Scholar

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UG and PG Students

S Mahammad Shahid

Nitin Kr. Choudhary

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Indra kumar Mhaski 

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